Found 2015: Dog Tech Conference Recap

If you follow Dog Milk or Pack (one of our favorite doggy apps!) on Twitter, you may have seen us talking about Found, the first-ever tech conference entirely focused on dog startups! As lovers of design, tech, and all things dog, we here at Dog Milk were proud to be a media sponsor for this fantastic event. In case you missed it, we’ve rounded up some highlights below!

Found 2015: Dog Tech Conference Recap

Created by Pack, the Found conference was founded to bring the creative minds of other leading dog-related startups, businesses, brands and investors together to discuss the future of this exciting industry. The founders, designers, and CEO’s of Pack, Rover, Whistle, PrideBites and Petcube presented a lively panel that covered a wide range of pet-related topics from giving dogs a voice to connecting passionate dog owners across the globe to making every pet parent a designer.

Found 2015: Dog Tech Conference Recap

Jon Lox of Facebook summed up our take on tech in the pet industry best:

All we want to do is be better humans for ourselves and for these animals. One of the constraints I keep an eye on is that it’s easy to imagine that even though dogs take up a large part of our life, how much digital life are we going to spend on it. I don’t want people diving into their phones for entertainment for 2 hours and forgetting to take the dog for a walk. The technology we bring in is more in utility to increase the time we can spend with the dog. If it gets inverted and we spend more time on the tech than the dog, the design is broken.

Check out Found for more info on this year’s conference as well as upcoming events. And, of course, join the Dog Milk pack on Pack!

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