Four New Products From Anony Evolve Their Design Journey

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Four New Products From Anony Evolve Their Design Journey

Known for their light fixtures, Anony has released two new fixtures along with their first two designs outside of the box: stone tableware and a steel stool. A floating light, a playful chandelier, a sculptural stoneware collection, and a stool, all four products are an evolution of the brand’s design direction. “Lights are sculptural, so it was only a matter of time before Anony expanded beyond illuminating and illuminated objects. The Trio stool and Stone collection showcase our desire to find new perspectives on simple geometry,” says founder Christian Lo.

three black vessels on a long counter

Stone Basalt \\\ Photo: Riley Snelling

Made using travertine and volcanic stone, Anony’s new Stone tableware are square, circular, and pill-shaped stackable geometric vessels that I can’t help but want to touch. It’s clear that there’s no obvious form to direct you to the use of the objects, allowing the owner’s lifestyle and needs to dictate its purpose. A sculpture, a holder, a weight – it’s whatever you need or want it to be.

six black and grey vessels

Stone Collection \\\ Photo: Joel Esposito

floor lamp

Wisp Suspension \\\ Photo: Joel Esposito

Turning the idea of the typical chandelier on its head, Wisp suspension light has some really interesting features. Its shade catches light rather than projecting it, and touching the light allows you to adjust the brightness while sliding along the shade controls its diffusion. A single cable runs from light to ceiling, suspending Wisp in mid-air.

three legged silver stool and floor lamp

Trio Stool + Wisp Suspension \\\ Photo: Joel Esposito

three legged silver stool

Trio Stool \\\ Photo: Joel Esposito

Trio stool is constructed from three identical pieces of patterned stainless steel. Each pipe is carefully machined, bent, and welded. When they fit together, a distinctive triangle shape is made, a perfect place to perch.

three legged silver stool

Trio Stool \\\ Photo: Joel Esposito

three light hanging chandelier

Node Light \\\ Photo: Jake Sherman

The three circular shapes of the Node Light create a visual imbalance, aided by the opacity and weighty materials used. Each glass sphere is embedded in a steel cylinder, attached to the light source at the node. Node hangs free as a chandelier, or can be configured as a table light or wall sconce.

black and white portrait of woman with long dark hair and dark shirt

Christian Lo \\\ Photo: Renata Kaveh

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