Framery Collaborates With Ultra To Launch Custom-Made Office Pods

03.31.21 | By
Framery Collaborates With Ultra To Launch Custom-Made Office Pods
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With the world slowly transitioning back to being in the office, workspaces need to be more adaptable and flexible than ever. This latest collaboration between Framery and Helsinki-based design studio Ultra will help make that transition easier. Framery, known for their soundproof private spaces for open offices, tapped on Ultra’s designers to work with Framery’s R&D in creating the newest, high-tech iteration of their office pods, called Framery One.

Over 14 concepts were created to get to this final design, which incorporates leading sound insulation standards, echo-free acoustics, and the latest technology. Nearly all the components of the Framery One pod are exclusively custom-made. These office pods, which have been used by leading companies like Microsoft, Puma, and Tesla, are now available globally to all companies.

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