Francis Bitonti’s 3D Printed Dress You Can Print at Home

04.07.14 | By
Francis Bitonti’s 3D Printed Dress You Can Print at Home

We all know Francis Bitonti is changing the face of 3D printing by pushing the boundaries of what it can do (remember Dita’s Gown and his belts?) and his latest creation is a 3D printed dress you can print at home! The Bristle Dress is made entirely on a MakerBot Replicator 2, a desktop 3D printer for the home and the files for the skirt are available and completely customizable on Thingiverse. That means, anyone with access to a MakerBot, can make the skirt themselves!


The incredible dress was designed in the most recent New Skins Workshop – Winter 2014: Brumal Bodies. The workshops are led by Bitonti, in partnership with MakerBot and Lagoa, and teach 3D printing and computational design. Check out the upcoming workshops the studio has going on this summer here.



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