FreePower for Countertop Turns Any Surface Into a Wireless Charger

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FreePower for Countertop Turns Any Surface Into a Wireless Charger

Wireless charging has become so ubiquitous, it’s now a rare event when the need to plug-in our phone ever arises. Even travel chargers offer wireless charging as an option these days. But even the most attractively designed wireless chargers are yet another device requiring a place and space in our lives. It’s safe to say nobody really wants another piece of tech to plug-in to stay plugged in.

FreePower is a charging technology maker who cut their teeth designing devices like the stylish Nomad Base Station Pro wireless charging pad and Tesla’s $300 wireless charger. The company’s latest offering launched at KBIS last week is a Qi-certified charging accessory designed to liberate users from having to rely on separate wireless charging accessories, embedding wireless charging coils completely out of view beneath natural stone, engineered stone, or wood countertops.

An exploded view image of Freepower's wireless charging components and a phone, using wireless charging, on top of a stone countertop.

The FreePower for Countertop is liberally outfitted to charge up to three Qi-enabled devices at once. The large array of charging coils hidden also means you don’t have to lay down with precise alignment to enable charging.

A bathroom with two sinks, a towel rack, and a wireless charging station.

A woman in blurred motion in a kitchen with a laptop on a wireless charging pad.

Engineered using the global Qi wireless power standard, FreePower countertops are powerful enough to deliver wireless charging through (some, but not all) solid stone. Charging zones are demarcated by an LED charging halo that glows through stone, creating a visual landing area indicating where to place a mobile device or other wireless charging accessory, like Apple AirPods, to get juiced up.

A bedside table with a phone and a cup of coffee, featuring wireless charging through the stone countertop surface.

Home users might want to turn the halo light completely off once becoming acquainted with the charger’s location. But it’s also imaginable the halo indicator would be a helpful visual indicator when installed onto surfaces within hotel rooms, airport lobbies, or restaurant/bars.

A man sitting on a couch, enjoying a book while his phone is on wireless charging.

A man is using a smart phone app checking on his wireless charging lighting feature.

Being a smart device, the FreePower for Countertop lighting – brightness and color – can be changed using an app.

A man working on a white stone countertop installing six wireless charging systems onto the underside of the surface in a factory setting.

FreePower can be embedded into a wide range of natural and engineered stone surfaces with an emphasis on quartz. Note, this isn’t an off-the-shelf solution and requires professional installation. The company offers white glove support to help designers and countertop fabricators choose materials compatible with FreePower’s requirements to guarantee seamless integration and maximum functionality. Additionally, the company has compiled a database containing information on different stone brands and colors, along with translucency ratings to optimize compatibility.

A woman is preparing food in a kitchen with a wireless charging station nearby to a gas cooktop.

The FreePower for Countertop was awarded the Best of KBIS Best in Show Award 2024.

For additional information about how to get FreePower for Countertop installed in your home or project, the company offers a sign-up form here.

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