Friday Five With Angie Myung of Poketo

Angie Myung is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of creative lifestyle brand Poketo (pronounced poh-keh-toe). Founded in 2003 alongside her husband, Ted Vadakan, Angie oversees all product design, marketing, and design-conscious curation of their brick and mortar shops as well as their online store. She’s also the co-author of Creative Spaces: People, Homes, and Studios to Inspire, Poketo’s first book. It features 23 of their friends and collaborators who are artists, designers, architects, cooks, and more, talking about their creative journeys from the point of view of their studios and homes. Over the past 17 years, Poketo has worked with brands such as Nike, MTV, Disney, Target, Nordstrom, and MailChimp, and museums like MOCA, the Guggenheim, the de Young, and SFMOMA. They’ve also collaborated with over 200 international artists, creating exclusive products that reflect Poketo’s philosophy of Art for Your Every Day. Today Angie is joining us for Friday Five to share some of her inspiration!

1. Sea Ranch
It’s our home away from home. We have our vacation home there, but since it’s far away (3 hours north of SF) we only get there once every few months. We love it and always bring our friends. It’s surrounded by forest and ocean and this is where we unwind, relax, just chill, take walks, cook and relax with friends. We snuggle by the fire, read, play board games and try to disconnect as best as we can.

2. Cooking
Cooking is my ultimate pastime as of late. I’ve always been a foodie but I never considered myself a cook, so this is a new hobby/passion for me. My mom is a phenomenal Korean cook so I think I’ve always been afraid to try my hand at it, but I’m beginning to get more comfortable with Korean cooking. I’m starting to make Northern Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai food. It’s fun, creative, challenging and I get to be totally in the zone, since distraction usually results in bad tasting food.

3. Art museums
Art museums anywhere and everywhere. That is one thing in a new city or in L.A. that I never forget about.

4. Travel
Travel anywhere. Nothing fuels us like traveling to a new place. You gain a new perspective of how everything runs by learning and discovering their culture and food!

5. Our Team at Poketo
Our small, smart, and passionate team. We always come up with creative solutions to solve problems and we celebrate small victories together.

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