Friday Five with Anna Dorfman of Door Sixteen


Anna Dorfman blogs about renovating her house, spying on other people’s houses, and coveting beautiful things at Door Sixteen. When she’s not obsessing over all things house-y, she’s busy designing book covers. An obsessive kind of gal in general, Anna is also into cooking, cleaning, cuddling with her dogs, collecting music, and drinking coffee with her husband, Evan.

Five Swedish blogs that make the Internet more beautiful:


1. Camilla Engman
I’ve been reading Camilla’s blog for quite a while, and I never get tired of seeing how her illustration work evolves and grows over time. I always look forward to seeing photos of her super-cute, adventure-loving dog, Morran, too!


2. Chez Larsson
Benita (as well as her husband, son, and cats) is a constant source of inspiration for me when it comes to organization, simplification, and get-it-done DIY. I love how well she photographs and explains the whole process of her projects. Benita has an amazing ability to make the most arduous tasks somehow look fun.


3. Emmas Designblogg
I would be completely lost without Emma’s blog. Any time she takes a break, I go through withdrawals. She has the most amazing knack for finding inspiring photos of interiors and décor — and has a beautiful home herself, as well. I find myself wanting to save almost everything Emma posts for future reference.


4. Fine Little Day
I’m a huge fan of Elisabeth’s photos and artwork (and her photos of artwork!), and several of her prints are displayed in my house. I love getting a glimpse into her life; her photos of her children and their toys and little projects bring me so much happiness.


5. Sandra Juto
Sandra is just the best. Her photographic style is so unique and identifiable. She has a way of showing the most mundane, everyday events (like having coffee or getting the mail) look special. Whenever someone asks me what my favorite blogs are, my mind immediately goes to Sandra’s first. I suspect Gothenburg has never looked more beautiful than it does through Sandra’s lens.

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