Friday Five with Dan Brunn

Architect Dan Brunn, AIA, might have been born in Israel but he’s been an Angeleno since age seven. The Harvard grad received his MA in Architecture in 2005 after earning a BA in Architecture at the University of Southern California before going on to work at John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects. Along with practicing architecture through his eponymous firm, Brunn has taught at the Boston Architectural Center, Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD), and the USC School of Architecture. His city of birth, Tel Aviv, laid a foundation for his experimental design sense from being inundated with Bauhaus architecture. It led to his love of LEGO bricks where he could explore building various structures. Today, he runs his successful architecture firm out of Los Angeles designing both commercial and residential projects around the globe. For this Friday Five, Brunn shares some of his favorite things, including music, art, and cars.

Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Bowl

1. Hollywood Bowl
It’s one of LA’s truly striking experiences. I always look forward to a phenomenal season at this unforgettable venue. Not only does it have an incredible history, but it’s always great to bring a picnic basket, share a bottle of wine, and unwind with friends under the stars.

Photo by Brandon Shigeta

2. The Beatles
My parents always played The Beatles around the house in Tel Aviv, and at age seven, I told my mom that I wanted to be a singer when I grew up. Listening to The Beatles helped me learn English. They embody genius, humor, incredible visuals, and leave nothing to be desired. I picked up The Beatles “Can’t Buy Me Love” 1000% Kubrick Set made by Medicom Toy from Silly Thing in Hong Kong.

Photo by Dan Brunn

3. Porsche Carrera
Moving to the United States from Tel Aviv was quite a culture shock—all of a sudden I was surrounded by beautiful things. I got to experience the 1980s with big, wide open eyes. As I got older, I knew I had to have one of these. Not only is it a design icon, but it also carries a fond memory of my transition here.

Photo by Dan Brunn

4. Art
I have always had an affinity towards the arts. As a kid I used to draw, paint, and generally disassemble things. I have come to realize how vital art really is, and I have been fortunate enough to surround myself with artwork by amazingly talented artists. This wall in my home is covered with some of my favorites, and many of the artists are my personal friends. I am humbled!

Photo by Brandon Shigeta

5. Guitars
Music is an integral part to my creativity. Though I am by no means a professional guitarist, I do especially enjoy my guitar collection. Each one is so inspiring, and beautiful in its own right, carrying a special meaning and memory. Here is my John Lennon Limited Edition Rickenbacker 325 reissue. It’s a real pain to play on, being a short scale, but its authenticity wins my heart.

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