Friday Five with Søren Rose

Designer Søren Rose merges Scandinavian simplicity, craftsmanship, and tradition with design that reflects the way people live today. His Copenhagen studio specializes in furniture design and interior projects, and recently took on architecture. The goal? “To make sure that Copenhagen develops a ‘green’ culture and will be full of Urban Farms, roof top gardens and beehives.” Rose’s Friday Five highlights gorgeous furniture and accessories.

1. The Buonanotte Valentina Bed by Ceccotti Collezioni
This is the most beautiful bed i have ever seen, and is for sure manufactured by someone very passionate about wood. Many beds are colossal volumes in a space, but this wooden frame is light in expression. It looks like a place in which nice, creative dreams will be born.

2. Deadstock Catherine Table Light by Castor
Creating a refined product out of machine parts and stone is a hard task, yet this lamp, while very industrial, is elegant. It is designed around a cylindrical shade salvaged from a defunct lighting factory. It has a base made of a Carrara marble salvaged from the first Canadian place, and a support made of precisely machined brass. The light and slender structure of brass carries the role of connection arm of two very rough materials: marble and oiled steel. All three materials will only grow more and more beautiful over the years.

3. Venini Bolle Vases
The colors, the shapes . . .  What can I say? Decorative products that make my heart jump, the new colors are strong alternative to the original colors.

4. Bench and Table by Finn Juhl
It is hard to pick a favorite when looking through the many classics of Finn Juhl. This furniture can be both a coffee table and a bench depending on the use of the cushion. When furniture is honest and simple it will live a long life, ending up with stains, marks, and bruises that will only make it even more beautiful.

5. X Chair by Orla Molgaard Nielsen and Peter Hvidt
Brass, canvas, ropes, and wood tell a story about craftsmanship. These two gentlemen clearly loved wood and knew how to turn this noble material into beautiful and functional classics. The throw away culture will suffer if we all choose to buy and use furniture like this chair.

Marni Elyse Katz is a Contributing Editor at Design Milk. She lives in Boston where she contributes regularly to local publications and writes her own interior design blog, StyleCarrot.