From Cellar to Skyline: The Story Behind Rémy Cointreau’s New York Office

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From Cellar to Skyline: The Story Behind Rémy Cointreau’s New York Office

Raise a glass for Rémy Cointreau. The French spirits group now has a brand new home in the heart of New York City, located at 3 Times Square. Designed by TPG Architecture, the new 30,000-square-foot workspace embodies the essence of the Rémy Cointreau brand. From wine cellar-inspired elevator lobby to the full bar serving the original frozen Margherita, TPG Architecture incorporates numerous references to the company’s rich history, seamlessly bridging the past and present in this new modern office.

“Our goal with this project was to blend all of Rémy Cointreau’s brands into one cohesive space,” explains Maggie Giaccone, NCIDQ and Senior Associate at TPG Architecture. “We took inspiration from their various cellar spaces, incorporating elements like Venetian plaster walls and arched/curved ceilings into the design. Our concept extends this inspiration to the NYC office itself, viewing it as its own cellar where the work produced here is as vital as the distilling process.”

A hallway with arched ceilings, stone floors, and doors labeled "B5" and "B4" on either side, leading to a glass door at the end with a red sofa visible through the glass.

A polished hallway with marble flooring and four closed doors leads to a bright, glass-walled room with a red couch. The "Rémy Cointreau Americas" logo is displayed on the wall to the right

Stepping into the elevator lobby, visitors will notice the Venetian plaster and curved ceiling details, alluding to the cellars that play such an important role in developing fine spirits. A full bar welcomes guests and employees after entering the office. Outfitted with a variety of seating options, from bar seating to plush red velvet banquettes, this multifunctional area fosters a casual atmosphere for large meetings, impromptu collaborations, and social events.

Two people sit on a red sectional sofa in a modern, well-lit lounge area with wood paneling and shelves displaying bottles. A screen behind them displays the Rémy Cointreau logo

Two individuals are conversing at a modern, curved bar in a spacious, well-lit office lounge with large windows and an array of liquor bottles displayed on illuminated shelves

Modern bar area with a circular counter, red cushioned stools, and shelves of bottles against a backdrop of large windows overlooking city buildings. Ceiling features a contemporary light fixture

An empty office workspace with a desk, chair, and dual monitors, next to large windows overlooking a cityscape with buildings and a balcony with outdoor seating

Workstations offer front-row views of NYC’s expansive cityscape. The boardroom, named the “Rémy Martin Room,” proudly showcases the brand’s beautiful bottles and the company’s tagline on the glass walls: “Dreaming forward since 1724.”

A modern conference room with a long wooden table, white chairs, a large screen displaying a logo, and floor-to-ceiling windows. A red couch with pillows is along one wall

A modern office meeting room with a long wooden table, white chairs, a red bench, and a Remy Cointreau logo on the wall. Large windows provide a view of city buildings

A person sits on a beige couch in a modern office with large windows, surrounded by contemporary furniture including gray chairs, a black coffee table, and a wooden bookshelf

A cozy corner lounge is sectioned off from the rows of workstations, giving employees a break in their day to connect and collaborate with each other as part of the Rémy work culture.

Two individuals conversing at a table in a modern, well-lit café area with green walls, leather seating, framed art, and cityscape views through large windows

Throughout the office, jewel tones, organic textures, and natural elements capture the essence of distillation, reflecting the craftsmanship and heritage of Rémy Cointreau.

A modern break room with a kitchenette on the left, tables and chairs in the center, and a seating area with artwork on the wall in the background. Three people are present, one seated and two standing

Photography by Veronica Bean, on behalf of TPG Architecture.

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