Fruit Salad: A New Kaleidoscopic Ceramic Tile Series That Can Be Installed Randomly

05.25.18 | By
Fruit Salad: A New Kaleidoscopic Ceramic Tile Series That Can Be Installed Randomly

You’ve probably seen Avery Thatcher’s wallpapers before or maybe you’ve downloaded her Designer Desktop earlier this year. Under her company Juju Papers, Avery designs and creates rolls of wallpapers printed by hand in an array of prints and colors that would turn anyone into a pattern lover. Now, she’s taking Juju Papers in a new direction with the debut of her cement tile line, Fruit Salad, a chromatic cement tile series that is just as bold and colorful as her wallpapers.

Tiles isn’t a foreign field for Avery, who actually used to be a tile installer and has dreamed of designing tiles for a long time. With Fruit Salad, she wanted to create a tile series that had all the complexity and ornamentation of a handmade tile mosaic without the pain point of a complicated install. The tiles, which come in four different versions, are hydraulic pressed handmade cement encaustic tiles that can be installed randomly to create a unique, mixed pattern. All you or your tile installer needs to do is simply rotate the tile. Intended for residential, hospitality, workplace and public spaces, Fruit Salad comes in two color ways, a white center and a black center, with surrounding colors of lilac, persimmon, ocre, blush and military blue.

To learn more about the Fruit Salad collection or to inquire for purchase, visit Juju Papers.

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