Functionality Shines in the Bucket Stool Collection by Yvonne Mouser

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Functionality Shines in the Bucket Stool Collection by Yvonne Mouser

Yvonne Mouser – a San Francisco-based artist, designer and builder – designs objects that give meaning to experience or tell a story through their function. The simple, well-crafted pieces are meant to be used, but they’re really nice to look at, too!

In the Bucket Stool Collection, Yvonne Mouser created a variety of solid ash stools with bentwood handles. The stools come in four sizes – Double Bucket Stool, Single Bucket Stool, Step Bucket Stool, and Long Bucket Bench – and all can function as a seat or a side table. The handles make each stool easier to transport and store.

Exposed tenons with wedge inserts join the legs to the top and accentuate both the craft and durability of its construction. And the playful functionality of each makes these stools a great option for a variety of interiors: restaurants, office spaces, homes and almost anywhere else.

The Bucket Stool Collection was designed in California and handmade by the Amish in Pennsylvania.

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