Functionland FxBlox Cloud Storage Towers Over Competition

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Functionland FxBlox Cloud Storage Towers Over Competition

When is the last time you gave data storage any considerable thought? Cloud storage and the increasingly capacious storage on mobile devices has mostly downplayed those worries for everyday users. But for professionals operating in the realm of web3 projects, secure and ample data storage is still an important – and often costly – concern. Functionland FxBlox’s colorfully hued skyline of desktop data towers belies a system engineered with a serious purpose: to offer users a secure decentralized data storage solution without a subscription.

FxBlox’s industrial design by fuseproject is faintly reminiscent of a classic art/design toolset.

Woman's hand installing a storage module into Functionland FxBlox decentralized data storage device

Unlike your run of the mill external hard drive with their propensity for high failure rates – a nightmare for mission critical projects – or costly cloud-based storage, the FxBlox is the hardware end of a secure, encrypted decentralized storage network system. Aimed toward privacy-oriented storage and secure resource-sharing among different users, the FxBlox aims to be a super-secure place to host websites or store photos, music, videos, or files of the non-fungible sort.

Hand holding a storage module into Functionland FxBlox decentralized data storage device from the top over a base charging station

The storage system’s modular, color-coded design was handled by industrial designer Yves Béhar’s fuseproject. Sheathed in anodized metal with a satin bead blast finish, each monochromatic metal “tower” stores terabytes of data.  Interchangeable covers add the option to personalize each unit, operable individually or upgradable into a small cityscape of expandable storage.

Detail of bottom of Functionland FxBlox decentralized data storage device USB-C charging port

“We want to bring a Box into every home. We want people to be proud to show it off to their guests, proud to put it on display,” said Keyvan Sadeghi, CEO of Functionland. “Yves was a natural choice: he has a proven track record of producing brilliant designs for the projects he chooses to collaborate on.”

Colorful cap tops across five storage modules of the Functionland FxBlox decentralized data storage system

Be sure to check out more of fuseprojects other future-forward designs, including the world’s first solid-state portable power station and a tiny electric truck with a 350-miles range.

To learn more about Functionland’s new FxBlox and encrypted decentralized storage network system solutions, check out

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