A Future-Proof Charging Nest That Will Work With All Devices

07.16.14 | By
A Future-Proof Charging Nest That Will Work With All Devices

We all know how annoying it is to buy something for your current phone and then when you upgrade to a new phone, your accessories no longer work. Luckily, DODOcase and Stikwood were thinking ahead when they partnered up to create the future-proof Charging Nest that works with any type of device (iOS and Android) – meaning any device you buy in the future can work with it.


Each charging station is made in Northern California out of orchard walnut with a leather wrap made out of American-tanned Logger’s Leather, which can also be monogrammed if you want.


The Charging Nest works with: 30-Pin cable (from the Original iPhone and iPad through iPhone 4S); Lightning cable (iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPad mini, iPad Air, and forthcoming iPhone 6); Micro-USB cable for all Android devices (included for Android).


Also, you can charge your device with or without the case, bypassing one less obstacle.






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