Gather Is a Designer’s Dream Decluttering Solution

05.04.18 | By
Gather Is a Designer’s Dream Decluttering Solution

Designer Jeff Sheldon ran into the same dilemma designers, artists, musicians, and anyone else with a perpetually busy work surface encounters. “Since I spend a lot of time working in my home office, I put a lot of thought into designing my ideal desk setup where I can be productive and stay inspired as I handle the many different parts of running my business. One of the things I always wanted was a central place to hold the small things that constantly cluttered up my desk.” Sheldon’s search didn’t conclude with a purchase, but with the launch of his own design: Gather.

“Over the course of 3 years, I worked through dozens of prototypes and sketches to dial in every detail. I went from chopping up rough foam models with a pocket knife all the way to working with industrial design engineers to produce 3D-models and technical drawings that are ready for mass manufacturing,” explains Sheldon about designing the Gather desk system.

We’ve been aware of Sheldon for the years of work he’s operated under using the moniker, Ugmonk, a minimalist graphics/typographic design t-shirt brand aimed at the design set we’d recommend also checking out. His daily workflow as a designer inspired a notably different type of project outside of the graphic tees he’s become famous for:

I searched for a well-designed minimalist organizer, but all I found were ugly, cheaply made products. So I decided to design one myself. Little did I know just how hard it would be…

After successfully launching and funding a Kickstarter campaign, Sheldon is now offering Gather with either a maple or walnut wood base. There’s the option to order a standard or extended length kit; the standard 15″ long Gather comes with a slotted base board, smartphone holder, small tray, large tray, pen holder, and a Post-it holder. The extended edition adds a coaster and headphone stand component to fully kit out desktop organization duties. At its core, Gather formalizes desk organization into an aesthetically cohesive system which meets the hopes of creating an orderly space without the usual mix-and-match solutions creatives are often relegated to using.

Additional modules can be purchased to customize or accessorize the system beyond the original components, giving the Gather the ability to grow alongside any decluttering needs, including away from the home office/desk.

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