Nunc. Pairs German Engineering With AI to Brew Coffee Perfectly

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Nunc. Pairs German Engineering With AI to Brew Coffee Perfectly

The learning curve associated with properly concocting coffee and espresso drinks can be daunting for those new to the home preparation game. What is the water to bean ratio? At which temperature and for how long should this brew? There are numerous variables that go well beyond the basics. There are even more decisions to be made when you’re ready to invest in the hardware and accessories required to drip, press, pour, or pull a cup of coffee.

Nunc. is a new player in the coffee category. The startup – spearheaded by a two-time barista champion, rocket scientist, engineer, designer, and loT expert – arrives with the launch of nunc. Portafilter Machine and Grinder, a sensor and AI-enhanced grinding and brewing system engineered to remove the guesswork from the art and science of coffee.

An AI-enhanced coffee machine and coffee grinder with a phone next to it shown from an angled overhead perspective, with simulated wireless connectivity waves broadcast from it.

Designed in partnership with Stuttgart-based design and innovation studio Phoenix, the 2-piece portafilter espresso machine and sidekick burr grinder requires minimal effort and know-how to operate.

An espresso portafilter with a wooden handle attached to an AI-enhanced coffee machine.

Load fresh roasted beans into the machine’s SmartHopper, initiate the grinding process, and the nunc. automatically identifies the beans before commencing the brewing procedure. The machine takes care of weighing and grinding the beans. The lone barista-like task required of the user during preparation is the satisfying tamp and load of the portafilter into the brewing group.

A person holding an AI-enhanced coffee and espresso machine portafilter handle, with the machine's overhead circular color digital display showing the flavor profile of a roast.

Even before brewing ensues, users can further dial in the flavor using different recipes to suit personal taste. The default allows the system’s artificial intelligence software to handle all of the complex variables, including grind size, dosing quantity, pressure, flow, and temperature.

A novel feature is nunc.’s circular display, which gives users the ability to check out the flavor profiles. The intuitive graphic shows whether your next drink will be Strong, Fruity, Mild, Roasty, or a myriad of combinations.

A person reaching with one finger across the nunc.'s touchscreen display showing the machine's almond milk setting.

Steaming oat milk, dairy, or almond milk to optimal temperature and frothed consistency is also handled automatically by nunc. and its built-in steaming wand.

Oat, dairy, or almond milk – the nunc. steams them perfectly and, if you wish, automatically to the right consistency and temperature. If there is one skill set a nunc. user can dedicate themselves to mastering that the machine has yet to learn is the final touch of pouring latte art.

A person holding up a smartphone with live data graph showing pressure and flow from an AI-enhanced coffee machine on the screen

The grinder, machine, and coffee are directly connected via Bluetooth and NFC technology. The nunc. sets all parameters perfectly for you (grind size, dosing quantity, pressure, flow, temperature, etc.).

An AI-enhanced coffee machine with a message on it communicating an incoming software update with "Fantastic features incoming!" on a circular display

Like other smart connected devices, the nunc.’s operating system can be updated with additional features via software updates.

Four different nunc. coffee capsule containers with various color patterned designs sitting on top of a wooden table.

Instead of small individual coffee capsules, nunc. uses larger capsules with 120-140g of freshly roasted beans.

A man working on assembling the nunc. an AI-enhanced coffee machine in a lab/factory setting.

Part of nunc.’s high price can be attributed to the fact it is currently manufactured in Switzerland, with a portion of its internal tech developed in-house, alongside Italian sourced pumps.

By all appearances and spec comparisons nunc. shares many of the same tech-enhanced conveniences as the xBloom (albeit with larger dose capsules). Both machines retain a portion of the romanticized ritual of preparing coffee, but simplify the process to the point only minimal effort and knowledge is required of its user. At 2.499 €  – approximately $2,730 – the nunc. Portafilter Machine incl. Grinder’s price paired with its extremely limited 250 piece run will make it as rare as a cup of competition-grade Geisha varietals.

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