Get Cozy with Heated Outdoor Furniture by Galanter & Jones

07.03.13 | By
Get Cozy with Heated Outdoor Furniture by Galanter & Jones

While I was at Dwell on Design 2013, I stopped by the Galanter & Jones booth to see a fairly unassuming, curvy modern bench with some nice-looking metal legs. But then designer Aaron Jones asked me to sit down, something I don’t do at trade shows often because it’s hard to get up again, but this time I obliged. And all of a sudden, my backside was getting toasty! Someone had finally answered my prayers—a heated outdoor lounge!

Called Helios, the smooth contemporary design is nice and ergonomic, great for lounging or for good conversation. When you plug it in—using about as much energy as a hair dryer—it gets all nice and warm, like that feeling when you first get into a hot tub but much less wet!




The thing I love best about this is that it’s versatile—it can be used anywhere from those cold desert nights to chilly Fall evenings in the East. Plus, it’s made of stone so it’s cool to the touch when it’s warm outside.


It’s available in a variety of finishes and base options. And, it’s available now—get it at Potted and Flora Grubb.

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