Infrared Heaters

Brrr…it’s cold out there!

I saw these portable I-radium designs in Milan at this year’s furniture fair and am delighted the brand is now widely available on e-commerce sites. I-radium are specialists in creative portable infrared radiators. Of course, this is great news for patio owners: as they are portable, you can easily use them outdoors if you have an energy source. These are part of a whole new set of options now available to people who want flexible options to find warmth outdoors without a whole lot of hassle.

It is worth noting the subject of outdoor heating is a tricky one when it comes to being green. Though infrared designs may not be green per se, they do have a value because the technology used provides a very focused source of heat. The new infrared heaters are efficient in that unlike traditional radiators these heat people and objects first not the air.

I-radium heaters can be purchased at Made in Design.

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