Little Red Riding Hood Spirit

If you’re eager to have a touch of forest appeal in you urban backyard, I think these new designs will fit the bill. Binome Jardin is a design studio created by two sculptors with a passion for gardens.

After having spent time creating massive and amusing animal sculptures for outdoor spaces, they are now bringing their artistic approach to the outdoor furniture scene. I love this touch of quirkiness, and the fact they combine wood with modern materials is a very clever way. The Cratere stools and matching bench have an organic feel. They are made of whitewashed polyester resin with oak log insets.

The Red Drink is one of my favorites as nothing is nicer than a drink outdoors at the end of a busy day! Many of the designs are ideas directly “borrowed” from nature’s own creative book.

This stool called Champignon is a inspired by a mushroom!

The simple logs painted in unexpected ways also work brilliantly to add a little touch of nature.

P.S. You can check out there animal collection at