Milan Says Combinations Are In

In April at the Milan furniture fair, many things stood out. Style-wise it was amazing to see how we have clearly exited the pure, architectural sleek line, white/black/beige era. Curves were everywhere. Pattern was definitely more present. And combinations were hot. Here are two ways in which I saw great combinations really work.

The color combo
A strong design trend was about combining colors. The novelty is the way in which it is done. Instead of adding to a piece of furniture via cushions, throws etc., each piece of furniture in itself features a color combo. I loved these design by Green SRL, an Italian firm.

The material combo
The other strong trend is in material combinations beyond wood and steel, wood and slate, etc…these combinations most often play up a mix of transparent textures with opaque one.

Above, on the left is the Punk from Green and on the right, a new chair called Ego-K from Papatya.

Now if you don’t want to change all of your furniture, the easiest way could be to get this look is to add mis-matched cushions or buy two shades of paint and create your own custom combos.

Enjoy trying these combos out at home!