Outdoor Heating

If you are a movie lover, perhaps you have seen Hamlet, directed by Kenneth Branagh. The film kicks off with a shot of the old King lounging outside, reading a book in a garden…in the middle of winter with thick snow all around him! Well, that idea of enjoying outdoors way beyond the summer season is coming back really strong. Designers have jumped on the idea and are developing creative solutions that work brilliantly whatever your lifestyle.

Here are a couple of options to explore.


My personal favorite is Qrater, an ultra-cool campfire designed by Dirk Wynants. It was imagined as a tool to promote togetherness which is such a lovely idea (even for non-cowboys)!

It works brilliantly as an alternative to a DVD evening and offers a real escape from daily urban life.


For those on almost the other end of the lifestyle spectrum, the more high-tech minds and party animals, this revolutionary patio heater by Grand Hall is for you.


It has been buzzing round the web not so much for its look than for its innovative functionality. The top model in the range includes atmospheric LED lighting, a concealed speaker system, and an MP3 connection!

For those who like spontaneity or want to invest in solutions working both inside and outdoors, designers have come up with a variety of very mobile designs.

The Travelmate by Conmoto designed by Studio Vertijet for example is a mobile fireplace without a flue (and it won the Red Dot award 2008). I love the design as a stylized suitcase which unmistakeably conveying the notion that this is an item not bound to any fixed location.


And finally, to imitate the old Hamlet, you can also stay warm with shawls and throws. This is a rising trend over in Paris. In the past month, I have seen them pop up on the backs of restaurants terrace chairs.


Love the cheerfulness of those by fashion brand Missoni.

So, no excuses anymore! You can keep warm this winter and still enjoy the fresh air and night sky.