Passdoor is the New Black
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Gandia Blasco are one of the pioneers of the outdoor design revolution that kicked off 15 or so years ago. So it is always worth checking out their take on things. The brand is now about Outdoor and Passdoor designs… They say “we want to occupy new spaces…” And they are so right.

The reality is that there is a space just by the house, which is indeed outdoors but in reality not in a garden… an unnamed space where so much is really happening. I love this new positioning. It’s a real cue for shoppers, too. Passdoor implies a double circulation in and out and the other way round. And that is THE new thing to look for when you purchase high ticket items. Because of new technology as well as innovative design, outdoor furniture works brilliantly indoors too.


To give you a sense of Gandia Blasco’s fresh designs, check out their new outdoor room called the Cristal box or their Finger range.