Sitting Bulles

Sitting Bulles is a creation of French designer Marie Galoyer. This seat is made by connecting inflatable “bubbles” (like beach balls, but sturdier) to a central unit and setting them at the angle that works for you. The whole design has a lot going for it: it is airy and cool and fun. It turns a piece of furniture into a true feature for an outdoor space. From a practical standpoint, assembly is easy and quick. The balloons are inflated with a regular pump and the process is sorted in under five minutes. A storage and transport case is included.

But, but, but… this design is not for those who are naturally nervous or anxious! It reminds me of the test you can try to assess the level of trust you have in someone. You stand with your back to him or her and you let yourself drop backwards like a plank… hoping, trusting they will catch you. Well, I think the same level of anxiety can appear here. However if you manage to let your rational mind take over you will be happy to know. The most amazing part of the Sitting Bulles is that a person of up to 400 pounds can safely use it. The material is actually robust and designed for mildly harsh outdoor surfaces.