Time to Co-Create Your Furniture
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If you have the patience to read web sites or brochures in detail, you will often find that beyond the stated available colors brands actually offer customized versions. For some obscure reason the info is often there, but hard to find. To explore how these new customization options work, the Ego Paris site is brilliant.

The Ego Paris system has been up and running for 3 years now. It is a tool specifically for garden designers, architects and private clients. Fortunately, Ego Paris provides style help or tips for clients who may feel a little nervous, and they also draw our clients attention to the fact that on screen colors are not always real colors. This is particularly true for finishes and the actual effect of fabrics and materials. The tool is in fact used by clients to get a few ideas of possible options and new color combinations. They can also use a very cool 3D function that allows furniture to be virtually manipulated as if they were at the showroom. Often architects use this function to insert designs in there own plans to help represent volumes.

It would be great if they and other brands went a little further and allowed us, private users, to use these “combos” and virtually place them in images of our own outdoor spaces too!

What other companies do you know of that have great online customization tools?