A Glam Apartment Inside a Technicolor Building in Ibiza

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A Glam Apartment Inside a Technicolor Building in Ibiza

Tropical locations usually conjure up color palettes of blues and greens but this property includes all the colors of the rainbow. Designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, the Las Boas building is an urban jungle that boasts unbeatable views of the island of Formentera and old town Ibiza. It exists primarily as a residential complex but the Creamhotel has added one of building’s apartments to their Ibiza vacation rental portfolio, calling it the Ibiza Glam, which means you can stay at this technicolor, tropical paradise the next time you’re visiting Ibiza.

The 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment features all the amenities you’d have in a regular hotel, such as access to the infinity pool and communal areas, spa and fitness center, 24/7 security, free wifi and cable. A table designed by Jean Nouvel lives in the living room and inside the bedroom, you can unwind on luxurious beds by Nolteni & Cassina. From the living room, you can open up the sliding windows to take in the balcony and the building’s curvaceous exteriors that were inspired by feather boas (hence, the name!).

Within walking distance, you’ll find yourself at the island’s top clubs and restaurants: Patcha, Lio Cabaret, Cipriani, and Blue Marin.

What: The Ibiza Glam
Where: Paseo Juan Carlos I, 27-29, 07800 – Ibiza
How much? Rates start from $690/night
Highlights: This is an exclusive vacation rental that’s situated right inside the Las Boas building in Ibiza. Inside, modern interiors and pop art decor.
Design draw: Outside, the building’s technicolor curves are inspired by feather boas and lined with local vegetation and landscaping. Architect Jean Nouvel sought to bridge nature with architecture with this curvaceous design.
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