A Grand Stay and Très Chic Getaway at the Le Roch Hotel & Spa

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A Grand Stay and Très Chic Getaway at the Le Roch Hotel & Spa
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While it seems that Americans (me included) have a francophile obsession that’s not going anywhere anytime soon, it can be hard to remember what makes Paris so special outside of warm baguettes and quaint Parisienne rooftops. One look inside the Le Roch Hotel & Spa, a member of the Design Hotels collective, hidden off of Rue St Honoré will remind you though. Paris is a city that embraces modern luxury and combines it with that sophisticated, effortless je ne sais quoi that embodies Parisian style, and this boutique hotel does it beautifully. It mixes modern and historic French design to create your extravagant home away from home.

Designed by French interior designer Sarah Lavoine and architect Vincent Bastie, the 5-star Le Roch Hotel & Spa has an interior that’s filled with bold jewel-toned colors, brass accents and velvet textures without being ostentatious (it’s that effortless balance that the French do so well). Sarah decided to translate the hotel into a private apartment with decor, materials, colors, motifs, and objects you’d find on your travels.

Each of the 37 rooms at the Le Roch (including four seriously swanky suites and a master Saint-Roch Suite with a private terrace) features flat-screen televisions, a smart speaker system, complimentary WiFi, and multi-service interactive tablets that let you chat with the hotel services, order room service, set alarms, reserve spa treatments, and stream shows/music.

I’m told that an indoor pool is a luxury in Paris so it’s no surprise that the hotel has its own for guests to enjoy. If you’re in need of a little bit more R&R, the hotel partnered with CODAGE to create an innovative spa with custom-made skincare treatments personalized for each guest.

If world-class gastronomy is your cup of tea, the hotel also features a restaurant and bar with a menu created by Michelin star chef Arnaud Faye.

The hotel is located away from the busyness of the Saint Honoré (which tends to be packed since the neighborhood is known for its shopping) and is just a short walk away from the Garnier Opera and Tuileries Gardens.

What: Le Roch Hotel & Spa
Where: 28 Rue Saint-Roch, 75001 Paris, France
How much? Prices start at approximately $406 dollars per night
Highlights: Hidden away in the Saint Honoré neighborhood, the Le Roch Hotel and Spa lets you escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and indulge in a kind of classic luxury that’s anything but off-putting. While Paris is a pretty amazing city to explore, you might find yourself staying a bit longer inside the hotel to explore its impeccable menu or innovative spa.
Design draw: Interior designer Sarah Lavoine designed a space that’s grand and opulent without looking ostentatious and unwelcoming. Everywhere you turn, you’re surrounded by rich colors, plush textures, and metallic accents done in a contemporary kind of way.
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Photos by Francis Amiand.

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