Graphic Design Inspiration on Instagram

There is a constant, running debate regarding the affects of social media on us all. Does it harm us, hurt us… Does it connect us or disconnect us? One thing is for sure, there is a never-ending amount of inspiration to be found. For me, I find the most design inspiration on Instagram. Here’s five of my favorite accounts to follow…

Image from The Design Tip Instagram

Image from The Design Tip Instagram

1. The Design Tip: There’s a wide range of design in this account’s feed… From black and white, eye-bending graphics to hand-drawn art on coffee cups.

Image from Graphic Design Central Instagram

Image from Graphic Design Central Instagram

2. Graphic Design Central: From minimal to complex designs, this site gives you the opportunity to submit your work and be shared.

Image from Simply Cool Design Instagram

Image from Simply Cool Design Instagram

3. Simply Cool Design: This account is exactly what its title states, just a daily dose of cool art, design and general creativity to brighten your day… Or, inspire your next project!

Image from Design Arf Instagram

Image from Arf Design Instagram

4. Arf Design: An account that features the work of talented designers for your enjoyment and inspiration. There is also an incredible amount of color inspiration in this account.

Image from Graphic Design Blg Instagram

Image from Graphic Design Blog Instagram

5. Graphic Design Blog: An account full of works from awesome designers. They also have a Snapchat account…

And don’t forget to follow @designmilk and @designmilkeveryday!

Cori is a freelance Graphic Designer with a background in Interior Design, currently living in Los Angeles. She has paired her design and marketing knowledge to start a freelance career that combines both graphic design and interior design. When she's not working on an editorial layout, blog design, identity or illustration, she's contributing on design blogs or rambling on on her own.