Graypants’ Scraplights Transforms Cardboard into Elegant Lighting

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Graypants’ Scraplights Transforms Cardboard into Elegant Lighting

Graypants is the modern design team behind the Scraplights lighting collection. The company, which got its name because the founders first met while wearing the same pair of gray pants, approaches design as an extension of people with stories that extend beyond the physical designs – and this flagship collection exemplifies that. Scraplights, handcrafted from recycled cardboard, tells the story of the process and the people who take great pride in the quality of their work. The meticulous attention to detail that each worker puts into the lighting shines through in innovation and craftsmanship.

The lights are made from natural recycled cardboard, which gives the edges their classic dark appearance and enhances the warm light projected through the corrugation. The fixtures also come in custom-made entirely white corrugated cardboard that elevates the original layered cardboard design.

Scraplights offers warm, intimate and functional lighting for any purpose or space. Tough and elegant, each light is precision cut with a laser and assembled by hand using non-toxic adhesive. As a last detail, all Scraplights fixtures are treated with a non-toxic fire retardant.

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