Grit: Furniture Made with Sandpaper

Israeli industrial designer Avi Fedida created Grit, a furniture series that’s inspired by the natural wear and tear caused by time.

Grit (2)

When designing the collection, he decided upon sandpaper as the main tool to echo the aged effect of time. The sandpaper almost becomes a canvas, where unique textures are created by grinding a wide spectrum of wood on the sandpaper.

Grit (13)

Meanwhile, the sandpaper is also integrated into the white oak used for the furniture, and left exposed.

Grit (22)

Grit (23)

Grit (6)

Grit (4)

Grit (20)

Grit (8)

Grit (12)

Grit (7)

Grit (13)

Watch a video on how Grit is made:

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