Grow Baby Greens the Foolproof Way With The Fieldhouse

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Grow Baby Greens the Foolproof Way With The Fieldhouse

If you’ve always envied those with successful gardens, I may have the answer you’ve been searching for: The Fieldhouse. Founded by Alexine Pack and Alex Colodny of Leath, it’s a modern, nearly foolproof approach to growing baby greens indoors – all while looking good. The most mind-blowing thing about The Fieldhouse is how quickly the seed-to-eat cycle occurs. In 7 to 12 days it yields up to 7 ounces. To better visualize the quantity, most supermarket containers of baby greens measure 1 to 2 ounces. And you can place it anywhere you’d put a houseplant.

white countertop greenhouse in kitchen

There are a lot of benefits to owning The Fieldhouse. Using it makes you feel involved, but not confused about what to do. The vegetables and herbs you’ll grow are harvested early in their lifecycle, providing a higher density of nutrients and more complex flavors. And because you’ll harvest them as you need them, food waste is all but eliminated. Right now you can choose from six seed types: pea shoots, sunflower, baby arugula, baby broccoli greens, baby medley, and baby radish greens. These plants are more difficult for grocery stores to carry because they’re so delicate.

white countertop greenhouse

Once The Fieldhouse is delivered to your doorstep, there’s really no carbon footprint involved in using it. You’ll receive The Fieldhouse grow system with Full Spectrum LED grow light with diffuser, a dual-function germination lid/cutting board, a glass measuring cup, and a spray bottle. The light is tucked up under the slanted roof and completely out of sight. Seeds come separately, and the varieties listed above can be ordered as singles or packages of six. They’re accompanied by the corresponding number of coir disks, a sustainable soil substitute made out of shredded coconut fiber.

The Fieldhouse is compact, measuring in at 10″ x 17″ x 10″ and weighing ten pounds. Choose between Clay (neutral) and Sod (dark green) to complement your space.

dark green countertop greenhouse with someone snipping greens

dark green countertop greenhouse with spray bottle and measuring beaker

side of dark green countertop greenhouse

detail of white countertop greenhouse

six varieties of packaged seeds

packaged coir for planting

coir disks for planting

measuring beaker filled with seeds and reading leath

detail of white countertop greenhouse

detail of dark green countertop greenhouse

styled table with bowl of citrus and bowls of salad greens

two light-skinned humans standing next to one another for a portrait

Alexine Pack and Alex Colodny \\\ Photo: Christina Stoever

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