Gummi Pet Bowls
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If I were to overspend on dog gear, it would definitely be on well-designed bowls and feeders. Gummi Pet, with their awesome AW2010 Design line of bowls, isn’t making it any easier to control my urges. I’m sweatin’ these for real.

Gummi Pet’s bowls are made of sturdy melamine with a removable stainless-steel bowl. They come in small, medium, and large sizes (since, when it comes to bowls, one size definitely doesn’t fit all), have a handy rubber strip on the bottom to prevent skidding, and they’re totally affordable. And come on. That pink chevron pattern up there? FIERCE, y’all. One or more of these may or may not be in my shopping cart right now, just waiting for my itchy finger to hit “buy.”

The bowls even have matching collars (glow-in-the-dark) and leashes! Check out the full collection at Gummi Pet Products.

[via Under the Blanket]

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