Decor and Accessories Made Out of Hair by Studio Swine

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Decor and Accessories Made Out of Hair by Studio Swine

You read that right. From Studio Swine comes a full collection of highly decorative objects, called Hair Highway, and a short documentary film investigating the global hair industry in China.

Studio Swine Hair Highway Collection-10

Studio Swine Hair Highway Collection-12

Interestingly, hair is the one natural resource that is increasing as the world’s population increases. Studio Swine investigates the journey of hair, starting from people who sell their hair to the hair merchants, markets, and factories in the short film, Hair Highway.

Studio Swine Hair Highway Collection-11

Studio Swine Hair Highway Collection-9

Hair Highway is a modern take on the ancient Silk Road, where not only silk was exchanged between East and West, but also technology, aesthetics, and ideas. With China being the largest importer of tropical hardwood and the biggest exporter of human hair, Studio Swine went to the Shandong province of China to follow the journey of human hair.

Studio Swine Hair Highway Collection-15

Studio Swine Hair Highway Collection-16

Hair Highway reflects on China’s relationship with the rest of the world, while exploring the idea that trade has the ability to not only transport products but also values and perceptions.

Studio Swine Hair Highway Collection-8

Studio Swine Hair Highway Collection-7

The innovative collection of decorative pieces is made by combining hair with a natural resin, which then becomes a sustainable alternative to the diminishing natural resources in the world. It becomes a material that’s durable, and also evokes natural patterns, such as tortoise shell or polished horn grains and exotic hardwoods. Together, the collection has a unique look that’s inspired by the 1930’s Shanghai-deco style.

Studio Swine Hair Highway Collection-6

Studio Swine Hair Highway Collection-5

Studio Swine Hair Highway Collection-4

Studio Swine Hair Highway Collection-3

Studio Swine Hair Highway Collection-2

Studio Swine Hair Highway Collection-1

Studio Swine Hair Highway Collection-13

To learn more about Hair Highway, watch the film below:

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