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I’ve lived long enough to have learned a few things, like the importance of car maintenance, that you get what you pay for with blue jeans and toilet paper, and that the best implement for walking your dog is a classic leather leash. I’m not so grizzled and timeworn, tough, that I can’t still get excited about a fresh spin on a classic, which is what Fable has done with their classy, handmade, everyday essentials for dogs. With a collection that currently includes a leash, collar, carrier, and waste bag holder, Fable accessories are not only committed to aesthetic quality (including  beautiful silver-welded brass hardware details); the company also employs ethical manufacturing practices and promotes no-pain humane behavior training (no choke or pinch collars here). All that, and products that look like maybe they could have been designed by Apple? I’ll take it. You can peep details at Fable and on Insta.

Katherine, who lives with her family in the mountains of North Carolina, curated her own dog blog for a couple of years before joining the Design Milk team. If she ever won the lottery, she’d most definitely spend it all on live music & airfare to New York City. Other interests include craft beer, banjos, books, & BBQ.