High Point 2012 Best In Show: Innovation SLY Z10

Innovation, a Danish company founded in the early 1970s that began by making beanbags, now supplies convertible beds, sofa beds and other seating to the furniture industry. Convertible furniture isn’t easy to make – in addition to looks, wear and tear, you have to think about the mechanics, functionality, easy of use, and even how the fabric lays and moves as each part moves. That’s why Innovation, which came to the US in 1991, is a leading supplies of these products. It was by far one of our favorite companies showing in High Point not only because of the clean lines and modern styling but also the fact that so many of the pieces were – surprisingly – also beds. And even better? Most of them are in the fairly affordable range of $799-$2600 retail. It was in their showroom that we spotted our “Best in Show.”

Designed by Per Weiss in 2010 after a trip to Milan, the SLY Z10 is a small sofa with removable back pillows that converts into a queen-sized bed. It immediately caught my eye with its dark gray fabric (a big trend from High Point this year) and contrast red stitching. I especially love that the stitching on the seat and back was made in a cross pattern to give the feel and look of tufting without actually having any buttons.

I was pleasantly surprised that, upon closer inspection, the stitching was actually a zig-zag. I am loving this detail!

The pillows have such amazing attention to detail and seem as tailored as an expensive suit.

We asked the Innovation representative to demonstrate how the sofa becomes a bed:

I really love how it looks from the back, but I couldn’t get a photo so here’s the press shot:

Behind the scenes!

There was also another sofa in the Innovation showroom that had the same fabric and stitching that I thought was such a cute little apartment sofa. I wanted to put it in my purse and bring it home with me.

As you know, I used the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone during the show to shoot all the images and video, tweet, and even do Facebook posts… but as you can see in the “behind the scenes” image above, I’ve usually got my hands full. I used OneNote to take notes during the show, including voice notes. I’m obsessed with voice notes, voice reminders, anything I can do with no hands is my best friend.

After reviewing all my notes, voice notes, videos and photos, I created a checklist to organize the posts I wanted to write from the show – time to check off the last one!

I also organized all my photos into specific folders for each post and then: Ta-da! They show up automatically when I log into SkyDrive, and I can download the whole folder with one click. My notes are automatically there, too. So easy. The only things I think I’d like to see next time is the ability to download my voice notes from Skydrive and the ability to add events and reminders to my calendar using my voice, but I’m sure that’s coming very soon!

I’m so grateful to have been able to go to High Point this year and share my experience with you. It’s a really fun show – I mean, what could be better to a furniture-lover than an entire town full of furniture? I highly recommend that you make a trip one day soon.

Brought to you by the new AT&T Nokia Lumia 900.
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