Hisense CanvasTV Frames Television as Decor With 4K Clarity

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Hisense CanvasTV Frames Television as Decor With 4K Clarity

Any good idea sparks imitation, and The Frame by Samsung, appealing to audiences with the series’ combination television-artwork simulation display, robust digital library, anti-reflective matte coating, and ability to effectively disguise itself into context, seems to be doing the trick. So it’s no surprise The Frame now has numerous display manufacturers following suit with their own take on the “television as wall painting” trope. Count the Hisense CanvasTV as the newest model to join the gallery game.

Hisense CanvasTV wall mounted on light gray wall, next to three other framed piece of art, each displaying abstract modern artwork.

Available in two screen sizes, 55″ and 65″, the Hisense CanvasTV checks off all the boxes when it comes to specs as a formidable 4K QLED television for everyday viewing and gaming, as it boasts a 144 Hz refresh rate, ambient light sensor, auto-off energy saving mode, Google TV integration, and a multi-channel 2.0.2 (Hisense describes the audio as “room-filling,” but take this with a grain of salt).

Designed to be affixed flush to the wall just as The Frame, Hisense’s iteration is also covered in an anti-glare coating and features an interchangeable teak finish bezel that connects via magnets giving the display its appearance as wall art. The company also plans to sell optional white and walnut frames to cater to personal tastes. With the press of a button, the remote switches the television into an art display mode for “a collection of pre-loaded works spanning abstract, modern, and renaissance styles.” Which works and how many are not yet clear, but it’s fair to guess it is likely a bit less than Samsung’s Art Store or even Amazon’s Art Gallery for Fire TV catalog.

Large QLED 4K Hisense CanvasTV wall mounted on trade show wall display alongside framed pieces of artwork; traditional piece of art of Claude Monet displayed on the television.

Where Hisense aims to be competitive in the television as decor category is by offering their CanvasTV with the magnetic frame bezel included (an add-on for The Frame), and more importantly, at a starting price of $999 MSRP for the 55″ model, $500 less than Samsung’s counterpart. However, their competitor still offers more screen size options, finishes and colors, and a mature digital artwork catalog with notable partnerships with art institutions – but if price is of the utmost concern, the CanvasTV becomes a worthy consideration starting late this summer with the availability of 55″ and 65″ models.

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Photography courtesy of Hisense.

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