Holiday Wishlist 2010: Eleanor

We don’t do gift guides here on Design Milk because everyone does them. We like to be different. Last year, we did staff wishlists and once again we thought it would be fun to continue this new tradition and ask each current contributor what was on their wishlist this holiday season — realistic or pipe dream. So, for next 2 weeks we’ll be featuring staff wishlists.

I had the hardest time this season thinking up a dream list! Maybe it’s a testament to contentment, maybe I haven’t been blog surfing enough, either way it wouldn’t hurt to get my hands on some of these effects:

1. L.L. Bean Duck Boots
Classic, all-weather wear made in Maine. Certainly not the same ol’ urban rain gear we see almost daily here in NYC.

2. Nau Fluent Traveler
It’s been on my list for over a year — I should really just take the plunge.

3. New iPod Nano
How is it that this always happens? My ancient Shuffle finally dies, only weeks before Apple’s latest release, but my MP3 addiction keeps me from holding out. Now I’m jonesing the latest Nano release like no other.

4. The Selby Is in Your Place
Sure, you’ve seen this book all over the place. Sure, it’s $23 bucks. But seriously, The Selby’s an instant classic.

5. Salt Lake City Home
I went to college in Utah and now many of my closest family and friends are 2,000 dreadful miles away. Goal One: Buy a base in Salt Lake. Goal Two: Make it Brent Jespersen’s.