The Hotel Freigeist Göttingen: A Hotel Rooted in Academics and in Design

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The Hotel Freigeist Göttingen: A Hotel Rooted in Academics and in Design

Hotel Freigeist Göttingen, the latest member added to the Design Hotels portfolio, doesn’t look like a hotel that belongs in a college town. With its princely interiors that exude a quiet sophistication, the modern hotel looks like it should be located on the outskirts of town in a quiet meadow versus at the center of the city. It’s not until you take in the surroundings that you realize the Göttingen, Germany hotel is linked to a number of academic landmarks (including the university, the museum, and the university’s Knowledge Forum opening 2020) and the calming interiors were designed for intellectual stimulation.

Designed by Hannover-based architecture firm Ahrens & Grabenhorst Architekten, the Hotel Freigeist Göttingen’s façade is made of bricks laid in a wild pattern, a reflection of the contemporary nature of the building and the creativity that lies within it. Interior designer Frank Kassner took inspiration from American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and gave the interiors a gritty vibe by adding graffiti street art by Patrik Wolters (aka BeNeR1) to balance out the luxe effect from the ash wood paneling, plush velvet, and modern furnishings.

The Intuu restaurant serves up Japanese-South American cuisine by head chef Alexander Zinke, so guests can experience a flavorful palette of sushi, sashimi, ceviche, and grilled meats in the restaurant’s open concept style kitchen.

Public lounge areas are lined with custom-designed carpets by Nani Marquina, colored Moroccan cement stone tiles, oversized arm chairs, plush velvet sofas, and contemporary fixtures – all elements conducive for conversation and collaboration.

Modern amenities include a spa, fitness rooms, yoga facilities, a “Fatboy” relaxation lounge, and a rooftop terrance.

The guest rooms have a Nordic sensibility with their oak floors, cool slate-gray wallpaper, and floor-to-ceiling windows with expansive views of nature-filled Göttingen.

What: The Hotel Freigeist Göttingen
Where: Berliner Straße 30, Innenstadt, 37073 Göttingen, Germany
How much? Rooms start at approximately $156 per night
Highlights: The hotel has all the signifiers of a member of the Design Hotels portfolio: luxe interiors, gastronomic offerings, modern amenities, and more.
Design draw: The street style graffiti art adds a playful element to the sophisticated hotel.
Book it: Visit the Hotel Freigeist Göttingen

Photos by Sebastian Böttcher.

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