Hotel Kabuki: A Taste of Japan in San Francisco, California

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Hotel Kabuki: A Taste of Japan in San Francisco, California
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Designed by interior design and branding firm MARKZEFF, the Hotel Kabuki recently underwent a new interiors update that’s inspired by Japanese influences. Mark Zeff, Principal of his eponymous firm, says:

After learning about the culture of the area, and drawing on knowledge of Japanese architecture as well as my own affinity for the beat generation, we were able to reinvent and modernize the interiors of the hotel in a sophisticated way.

While Eastern influences are certainly abundant throughout the hotel’s interiors, there are also many details that pay homage to San Francisco’s music scene in the 60s, its hippie culture, and its counterculture movement of the 60s and 70s.

In the lobby, a black and blond color palette inspired by the Japanese technique of shoutouts sugi ban sets the tone for the interiors. Carbonized black, alligator skin-textured walls are juxtaposed with blond wood floors. A Japanese calligraphy-inspired carpet delineates public spaces that have design and cultural books neatly stacked through for casual lounging and perusing. A communal table holds popular records curated by a DJ for different events that take place at the hotel.

Zeff designed two themes for the guest rooms: one featuring vintage Japanese newspaper print and one featuring retro sumo wrestling cards. All rooms are outfitted with custom furniture, carpets and fabric inspired by Japanese aesthetics, such as shibori-dyed drapery and headboards, patchwork style of borough stitching, and the clean lines of Japanese woodworking.

Zeff also worked with a local consultant to source unique art and images to expand the Japan-meets-San Francisco vibe even more, collecting graphic Japanese matchbook covers from the 20s and 30s and historic photos from San Francisco’s past to complete the spaces.

What: The Hotel Kabuki
Where: 1625 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115
How much? Rooms start at approximately $238 per night.
Highlights: This Joie de Vivre hotel fuses Japanese aesthetics with historic San Franciscan influences.
Design draw: The style of the hotel is Japanese, San Franciscan, bohemian, industrial, artistic and culture, all at the same time.
Book it: Visit the Hotel Kabuki

Project Interior Designer by Stacie Meador of MARKZEFF.

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