The Cubic Clock Reveals Its True Form Only Twice a Day

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The Cubic Clock Reveals Its True Form Only Twice a Day
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Who doesn’t enjoy a mystery? The Cubic Clock by nendo for The Hour Glass is a tabletop timepiece realized in solid, brushed aluminum. The minimal, slanted cube balances upon a sliced corner, a striking and unconventional measure of time that transforms to reveal the entirety of its shape but only twice a day.

The Cubic Clock’s hour and minute hands are designed to overlap one another twenty-two times throughout the day. But twice a day – at midday and midnight – the clock hands align vertically together and also with the rest of the cube itself, disappearing and forming a nearly seamless cube. In returning to its full cube shape, the clock demarcates a twelve-hour cycle and conveying the impression of the “resetting of the mind”.

nendo’s clock is one of four designs on display at Then Now Beyond, an exhibition organized by The Hour Glass in celebration of the brand’s 40th anniversary. Themed around the intersection between art, design, and horology, nendo was invited alongside Daniel Arsham, Marc Newson, and Studio Wieki Somers to produce commissioned works for the special event where time is truly of the essence.

The Then Now Beyond Exhibition is located at Malmaison by The Hour Glass and runs from November 24 until January 31, 2020.

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