House La Punta by Central de Arquitectura
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Central de Arquitectura combines a lot of great elements in the House La Punta, like concrete, floor-to-ceiling glass, and modern furnishings. Located in Bosques de las Lomas, Mexico, the three-level house is made up of large rectangles that are stacked on top of each other to form an “L” shape.

The ground floor is the living area that features the family room, kitchen, dining room, living room and a deck. Full of stunning floor-to-ceiling windows, it’s the place I’d want to spend most of my time, too.

The top floor houses the bedrooms, where the master includes this to-die-for closet.

The basement level serves as the parking area and has space for six (yes, six!) cars. It also has a game room, cellar and a room and bathroom for the driver (!).

Also loving the amount of foliage and house plants that have been incorporated into the design and landscape.

Photos by Paul Czitrom.

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