House Between The Trees by Šebo-Lichý

Working with a steep terrain and three chestnut trees, the team at Slovakia’s Šebo-Lichý had quite a few challenges. The homeowners wanted to keep the trees so they had to design a family home around them and the result is a House Between the Trees, a unique residence inspired by the Mies van der Rohe’s legendary Tugendhat Villa in Brno, Czech Republic.


Set above the ground on angled pylons, the home hovers out over the steep incline framing the surrounding green landscape. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows make the residents feel like they’re living in a treehouse.


The sloped plot of lands affords the design two floors underground and two above ground creating ample space for a family.


The main floor houses the living room and kitchen, which is separated by a freestanding fireplace. The master bedroom, bathroom, and office are also on this floor.



The floor above houses the children’s bedrooms, each with their own bathroom and patios.


The floor below there’s a basement with laundry room and home gym. This floor leads you to the outdoor terrace which has a grill and is partially sheltered by the extended floor above. The lowest level contains the garage which connects to the house through a hallway.



Photos by Tomáš Manina.

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