Hugh Miller Presents The Coffee Ceremony

Inspired by the daily tea ceremonies in Japan, Hugh Miller decided to create a ceremony of his own — The Coffee Ceremony. Through this, there are actually two ceremonies in one — the making of the pieces and the making of the tools.

The star of The Coffee Ceremony is Coffee Cart no.1, a cart made out of solid British elm wood, with Japanese design principles and Western cabinetry techniques. A very international type of cart. It features warm curves and bamboo weaving by Sagawa Takehiko. The legs and the top were made through splitting and steam-bending timber, while the wheels are made from constructional veneer with solid brass brackets. (Ceramics by Saiko Fukuoka).

The second piece in the collection is the Dining Chair no. 7. Like the cart, the chair has been made from British elm, with brass details and Japanese bamboo. It has hand-cut joints that are wedged in Japanese smoked bamboo and brass bars that keep the chair sturdy. Each seat and backrest are hand carved, further exemplifying the ceremonial theme of The Coffee Ceremony.

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