IA Interior Architects Designs a New Home for the ASICS Creation Studio in Boston

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IA Interior Architects Designs a New Home for the ASICS Creation Studio in Boston

With the goal of going bicoastal, Japanese sneaker brand ASICS hired IA Interior Architects to design their new Boston-based, high-performance workspace, a space that also functions as showroom and a place to entice fresh talent to join their team. The ASICS Creation Studio gives nod to the brand’s Japanese heritage through natural materials and a minimalist aesthetic that spans the 22,000-square-foot headquarters.

IA was tasked to create approximately 100 workspaces and multifunctional meeting spaces, along with the all-important perks – a cafe, wellness room, and a whiskey bar.

The new studio is housed on a single floor and throughout the massive interior, they incorporated white undulating panels that reference the linear patterns of raked sand found in Zen rock gardens. The repetition and organic curves create a cohesive element that connects the entire floor. Note: Each of the panels was milled, numbered, and delivered to the site to be installed piece-by-piece!

Poured concrete floors are interrupted by a thin gold line that mimics Kintsugi, the ancient method of repairing damaged pottery by filling in the cracks with a gold colored lacquer.

The “a” logo shows up in the living green wall in the cafe.

And naturally, they couldn’t ignore the bathrooms. A 25-foot-long infinity mirror displays a colorful row of sneakers that appear to go on forever.

The branding starts at the beginning when guests get off the elevators and spot the brand’s emblem incorporated into a custom light fixture above.

Photography by Robert Benson Photography.

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