ICFF 2009 Spotlight: Japan by Design
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Japan by Design, a special exhibit located in a room right off the main exhibit hall, was full of contemporary Japanese design and innovation. Some of my favorite contemporary designers and design firms are Japanese, one being Plus Minus Zero, whose modern technological masterpieces I was finally able to see first-hand.

The atmosphere was calm, dark, and much different than the crazy, vibrant, over-lit convention floor.

Teko Design (left), Tokyo iD (right), and Sunnin (right)

Number lamps (left) and Sink by Toto (right)

Humidifier by Mikuni.

This was literally like a foot long. I have no idea how this is a humidifier. It allows water to evaporate naturally from a nonwoven fabric soaked with water.

Hippo chair designed by Hideo Yamakuchi and Mitsumasa Sugasawa.

This clock was trippy!

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