IKEA Latest Collection Is for Music Makers

IKEA’s collaborations throughout the years have been a smart branding strategy, allowing the Swedish design giant to pursue more playful and niche products in partnership with brands with a cachet of cool, with past efforts ranging from skateboards to LEGO storage solutions. Still, we were caught a bit off guard – and impressed – with the fruits of their latest partnership aimed at those dedicated to music production: the OBEGRÄNSAD collection designed in collaboration with electronic music artists Swedish House Mafia.

Named after the Swedish word for “unlimited,” the OBEGRÄNSAD collection – a turntable, desk, and armchair – was unveiled at the IKEA Festival during the 2022 Milan Design Week. Aimed at the “music producer, DJ, or musician,” these pieces address the need for affordable options for those just starting off. Most notably, the desk aims to bring studio furnishings down to an affordable level; traditional studio workstation furniture with monitor stands at ear level can range from several hundreds to the thousands of dollars.

“…we have added two speaker stands to the desk in order to bring the speakers to the ear level. We have also added a pull-out shelf below the desktop,” says Friso Wiersma, IKEA in-house designer, “This functionality allows you to have a midi keyboard, for example, in easy reach, while maximizing space on your desktop.”

The USB-powered turntable’s chunky build is an intentional design decision intended to give the record player a “presence” and “physicality” (and in doing so, likely making it less prone to intrusive vibrations), with a slightly offset platter design as a standout detail. IKEA pairs their player with an Audio-Technica cartridge with a built-in pre-amp with RCA outputs, and is designed to work with the existing ENEBY speaker.

The sleek and minimalist OBEGRÄNSAD armchair is an especially handsome effort, and outfitted with adjustable straps to allow Soundcloud bedroom producers an adjustable amount of comfort customization. These chairs look like they’d be well-suited for use outside of the studio environment.

The Swedish House Mafia collaboration announcement at 2022 Milan Design Week arrived alongside other upcoming product reveals with designer Sabine Marcelis and Finnish lifestyle brand Marimekko. Further details and pricing will be announced as the entire 20 home furnishings OBEGRÄNSAD collection release nears its Fall 2022 launch.

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