IKEA Reimagines Iconic Pieces From the 60s + 70s in Nytillverkad Collection

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IKEA Reimagines Iconic Pieces From the 60s + 70s in Nytillverkad Collection

Global Swedish brand IKEA is set to take us all back in time with the third release of it’s iconic Nytillverkad collection. Hitting stores worldwide this month, this latest edition pays homage to the carefree and creative spirit of the 1960s and early 1970s. Reviving timeless designs by influential IKEA designers Karin Mobring and Gillis Lundgren, the Nytillverkad collection offers a modern reinterpretation of the era’s relaxed and playful aesthetic. (Check out the first release of the Nytillverkad collection here.)

multi tiered living room setup with bold green and yellow chairs and home furnishings paired with black and blue textiles

The Nytillverkad collection has been a testament to IKEA’s commitment to celebrating its design legacy. The third edition of the collection draws inspiration from a period marked by youth culture, pop music, and political protests that shaped the world. During this era, IKEA introduced new materials like painted particleboard and plastic, paving the way for furniture that exuded a youthful expression. Bold shapes, optimistic colors, comfortable seating, and soft high pile rugs defined the style of the time, and the new Nytillverkad collection invites design enthusiasts to revisit those dynamic days.

down view of upholstered green tufted chair on blue, black, and white shag carpet

down partial view of woman sitting in chair holding graphic pillow

woman lounging back on a bold graphic patterned pouf on the floor

Karin Mobring, the first female IKEA designer, left an indelible mark on the brand’s style. Her iconic CROMI side table is reborn in the Nytillverkad collection as the BAGGBODA side table, featuring a white or light yellow tabletop and a chrome-plated frame. Gillis Lundgren, who played a pivotal role in IKEA’s journey after joining the company in 1954, sees his MILA armchair transformed into the DYVLINGE swivel armchair and the spacious PUCK armchair from 1969 revived as SOTENÄS.

vignette of bright green upholstered tufted chair with bold patterned textiles in yellow, green, black, and white.

Sven Fristedt and Ehlén Johansson are contemporary Swedish designers who also contribute to the Nytillverkad collection. Sven Fristedt’s eye-catching patterns from the 60s and 70s make a comeback on STRECKFLY cushion covers and ÄNGSFIBBLA pre-cut fabric. Ehlén Johansson, a popular Swedish designer renowned for winning The Red Dot Design Award, introduces the SKOGSTUNDRA vase – a sleek piece with a high neck that’s designed to support cut flowers.

graphic green, yellow, and black pillow in front of checkerboard wall

Johan Ejdemo, Global Design Manager at IKEA of Sweden, expresses the company’s excitement about the resurgence of vintage furniture: “Vintage furniture has made a big comeback lately, and there’s been a growing demand for certain IKEA products that have become collector’s favorites. That is why we decided to bring back a selection of our design icons, and we are excited to see interest coming from customers of all ages, especially young people who are discovering our design legacy and using these vibrant solutions to express themselves at home. To us, these products are the essence of democratic design; they are timeless, as they combine a beautiful form, great function, sustainability, an affordable price, and quality that lasts long.”

angled back view of bright yellow lounge chair with person sitting facing small yellow vintage tv on yellow cart

angled view of modern bright yellow upholstered chair

closeup partial view of bright yellow upholstered chair

view of yellow and chrome cart holding bulbous green vase with yellow flowers

black bulbous vase sitting on yellow pedestal

angled view of modern black tufted chair with bold graphic yellow green, and black pillow

down view of black upholstered tufted chair on green and black checkered tile

person in bold black and white printed outfit sitting on black chair on green, black, and white tile

two people standing wearing bold black and white patterned outfits

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