IKEA Touts Red Dot Design Award for Sonos Engineered Speaker

04.01.19 | By
IKEA Touts Red Dot Design Award for Sonos Engineered Speaker

It’s unusual, if not unprecedented the announcement of an impending release of a wireless audio speaker be found at the heart of public rumor mill chatter. Yet, just days before its official April 9th announcement, the early reveal of the IKEA branded Sonos-engineered Symfonisk bookshelf speaker has many excited about the Swedish brand’s “Democratic Design” disrupting the category of wireless audio.

Originally previewed a year ago, the furniture giant recently touted several Red Dot design awards for a variety of upcoming products via press release, in the process giving the public an official peek of their WiFI enabled speaker engineered in partnership by Sonos. The SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker is joined with a self-congratulatory announcement about the BRUSEN outdoor sofa, OMTÄNKSAM table, SVALLET work lamp, FOKUSERA extractor hood, FINSMAKARE forced air oven and FINSMAKARE microwave combi oven, each earning an award for excellence in their respective categories.

Regardless if it´s about designing a lamp, sofa, kitchen appliances, table or speaker, we can accomplish great design quality and results when taking form, function, quality, sustainability and affordability into consideration.

– Evamaria Rönnegård, Design Manager at IKEA of Sweden

The IKEA x Sonos speaker will be officially unveiled on April 9 in Milan.

Like its technological predecessor, the IKEA branded speaker will crib from the Sonos Play:5 speakers with easy Sonos smart speaker set-up and all-orientation adaptability. Whether positioned on a surface horizontally, vertically, or mounted onto a wall as a floating bookshelf, the SYMFONISK’s cloth covered rectilinear is designed to adapt into a variety of spaces as a single or multi-speaker system.

Final specifications or costs remain unknown, but with just a few days left before its official coming out party, we’ll soon know whether IKEA will be able to bring Sonos-engineered audio convenience and connectivity as music for the masses.

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