Imagine Office Life if They All Came With Lush Green Gardens Inside

03.23.22 | By
Imagine Office Life if They All Came With Lush Green Gardens Inside

We’ve written a lot about biophilic design and the benefits it can have on our overall health and well-being when incorporated into our home and work environments. With many people working in office buildings, the lack of light and natural elements can make for a depressing work day, often stuck inside for eight plus hours not even knowing if it’s day or night. Green design agency MOSS (Makers of Sustainable Spaces) and GROUP A architects have taken biophilia to the next level, well, at least halfway up 23 levels of a high rise building in the heart of Utrecht. MOSS designed a two-story, 5382-square-meter lush green garden, named Central Park, upping the bar and hopefully setting a new standard for all future office builds.

The team began with Azorian flora, which includes the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, cosmopolitan, and tropical species, totaling 50 trees and shrubs, and 1,500 plants. There’s even a babbling brook traveling through it! The floor-to-ceiling windows let in natural light, and paired with the greenery and water, the space will no doubt reduce stress for those visiting throughout the day.

Photos by Jordi Huisman.

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