Impossible Instant Lab: Turn iPhone Images into Real Photos

10.21.12 | By
Impossible Instant Lab: Turn iPhone Images into Real Photos

Nothing made me sadder than when Polaroid bit the dust years ago. My spirits were lifted again when The Impossible Project took it upon themselves to resurrect instant photography by making new film for traditional Polaroid cameras – Hallelujah! They’ve now taken it a step further and created the Impossible Instant Lab, which takes your digital images from your iPhone and turns them into actual photos in an instant. I’m pretty sure life doesn’t get much better than this.

It couldn’t be easier to use: Pick a photo from the Instant Lab app, sit your iPhone in the cradle, and slide open the shutter on the base. It does its thing, you close the shutter, push the button, and out pops your photo! And once again, my Polaroid-loving heart is now complete.

While the device was originally being offered on Kickstarter, it’s finally for sale on their website!

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