Improve Your Meditation Practice by Getting Comfortable

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Improve Your Meditation Practice by Getting Comfortable

Like many of us, we’ve spent the last year plus just trying to survive and get through the pandemic. Maybe we picked up a new good habit or two with the extra time at home, maybe we didn’t and that is fine. One of the self-improvement actions I’ve heard a lot of people made during quarantine was to attempt meditating on a regular basis. I already meditate two times a day, every day doing Transcendental Meditation, so I know the benefits of having a consistent practice. I’m not the best when it comes to going to the same peaceful spot each time, as I’m more of a “whenever and wherever I have time” kind of meditator. And it’s not always the most comfortable, nor is sitting still for extended amounts of time so adding a comfortable cushion into the mix will definitely improve your meditation practice. U.S.-based brand Walden has created Meditation Cushion Sets that offer a comfortable place to relax so you can dive into your meditation sessions while continuing on your self-care practice.

The portable Meditation Cushion Sets include an elongated mat that helps keep your ankles comfortable in a cross-legged position, as well as a circular cushion filled with hypoallergenic, organic buckwheat hull that adapts to your body (sustainably sourced!) and a gel-infused memory foam top layer for additional comfort. The cushion weighs 8lbs with a height of 6 inches which is just enough to bring your hips off the floor for more stability and better posture. Do you need cushions for meditating? Well, no, but they will definitely elevate your practice making it easier to continue it long-term.

If you don’t need the mat but still want to have the cushion, they’re also sold separately.

>>> Carbon Meditation Cushion Set

>>> Concrete Meditation Cushion Set

>>> Carbon Meditation Cushion

>>> Concrete Meditation Cushion

>>> Clay Meditation Cushion

>>> Improve your meditation practice with Walden’s Meditation Cushions available here! <<<

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